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Did you know that the Netherlands is the best cycling country in Europe? It is therefore very handy to have a bicycle when you come to Maastricht. You probably wonder why we are talking about cycling here. In Maastricht you can use a Swapfiets. You know, that bike with that blue front tire. You can read the benefits and practical information about this Swapfiets in this article.

How do I order a Swapfiets bicycle?
A Swapfiets bicycle can easily be ordered online. Select the city where you want a Swapfiets bicycle and follow the steps. After placing your order, we make an appointment to deliver your bicycle. You can also pick up your bicycle in some cities. Upon receipt, we adjust the bicycle for you personally so that you can use it immediately.

What is swapping?
What happens if something of your bike breaks down? Then one of our swappers comes over to quickly exchange (‘swap’) your bicycle with a working one. As a result, you are always assured of a working bicycle and back on the road again in no time. Moreover, we can also carry out minor repairs directly on location.

What happens if somebody steals my bicycle?
In case your Swapfiets gets stolen, we will make sure you get a new bicycle quickly. Together we will fill out a theft report for the police. In addition, you pay €40,- deductible if you have an Original subscription and €60,- deductible if you have the Deluxe subscription, provided that your bike was locked properly.Wat is de minimale contractduur?

For more information and prices you can contact Swapfiets via this link.

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